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Table , figure in twocolumn mode July 3, 2008

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{table*} or {figure*} to show across column

This will put the date, the page number, and your name at the bottom of every page:

\rfoot{Your Name Here}

from http://web.mit.edu/olh/Latex/rep-latex.html

Both within LaTeX’s \twocolumn and within the multicols environment defined by the multicol package (often preferrable to \twocolumn, since it balances the columns on the last page and lets you change between two- and one-column modes without starting a new page), you can insert full-width floats by using the starred form of the float environments: figure* and table*.


\parbox[b]{2in}{I like using parbox to create funny little boxes of text all over my page. This one has its bottom edge aligned with the current line}
\parbox[t]{2in}{The top of my text is aligned with that current line.}

from http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/LaTeX/AoPS_L_GuideLay.php


from http://texblog.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/placing-figurestables-side-by-side-minipage/


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