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Our pets : Cats July 27, 2008

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Last night, I dreamt of Mi-Kyar. In the dream, I cried and told my brother that I forgot to feed her a week. Although they are not with me anymore, I still dream of them sometimes.

She has three siblings and all are female. The eldest died just six months old. The eldest is called “A-wee” and the youngest is called “Pa-kyut”. Mi-kyar is actually brought up by my sister and I took care of “Pa-Kyut”.

The name is strange, huh? She has yellow color hair. Before that we read a comic book and in that, a boy called yellow color “awee” mixing with red. In Myanmar, yellow is “awar” and red is “ani”. We felt fun of that and we gave a name to the eldest cat “Awee”.

  • Awee was too clever and she was beautiful too. She pretended to suck my father’s breast when we asked her to do.

  • Another thing was before my father goes to work, she greets my father and jump to his body showing “not to go”. My dad said she is clever than all of us. Because all of us wants him to go to work and she didn’t. 😀

When my sis studied her B.E in other town, I took care of her. She lived the longest among her three siblings. Her right eye was lost one festival night in 1994 by the neighbour youths. It took months to cure her injure. Somehow, I feel our unconditional love to her. Even she lost her eye, we still love her so much. We favour her more than our grandpa. Sometimes, our grandpa jealous of her for that. 😀

She liked to have photograph taken. At first, she ran and hided in somewhere. After that, she was seen around us when we were taking photo.

If we requested her often, she gave kiss to us. I took photo of my mom and her when she planted a kiss to my mom’s cheek. I love that photo so much.


When weather was cool, she liked to sleep on my father’s precious TV. We were accustomed to watch TV with her too. All my friends felt annoyed when they watch movie inculding her. 😛

She used to alerted us by crying when the water was full in the tank When we loaded water, we never wanted to wait beside the switch although it didn’t take 15 mins. She also knew to alert us when her curry was dried or brunt :P.

She died at her 8 years old on 2002. That time, my sis and me were away from home.

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Glitter Graphics – GlitterLive.com


Dream !!! June 8, 2008

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Today, I dreamt and woke up so early. May be at 4 AM. In the dream, I was also sleeping. A bee was buzzing over my head and enter inside my hair. It didn’t bite me. I felt it was inside my hair. I even tried to remove it. Well, I don’t know it is good or bad. I wish it won’t be nothing. Otherwise I wish it would be something good for me 😀

Here is my translation of this dream. “Bee” mean busy. I will be busy. Everything will eat up my brain. It will make my sleeping disorder. 😛 The translation matches the current situation of mine.