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My indoor plants :Schlumbergera and Kalanchoe January 25, 2012

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Flower and vegetable Show January 3, 2012

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There is “FLower and vegetable Show” near our hostel. I always see nurseries along side of the road if I’m not taking nap on ferry :P.
One of my student called me to go there on 1st Jan 2012. So we visited there. It was nearly 30 min walks to reach that place.

Shaping States and Regions of Myanmar With different orchids. So lovely!!! T

That is called Schlumbergera and I bought one on 1-1-2012.. It is also known as Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Crab Cactus and Holiday Cactus (Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlumbergera)

Mesua ferrea (Ceylon ironwood, Indian rose chestnut) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesua_ferrea)

Snow white. Actually this plant is cheap. I will buy next time .

I also bought light yellow kalanchoe on 4-1-2012. (like this http://www.imagesphotospictures.com/picture-flower-pictures-19-kalanchoe-3000.htm)


Roses August 17, 2008

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As the rainy season comes and there has been raining for 2-3 weeks, the plants grow happily. I like not only the flowers but also the leaves too. The rain makes the leaves growing healthily. The flowers are also big and beatiful. Beside the rose’ pot, it is Dahlia. Dahlia does not like hot wealther. I think it likes rain. It is yellow color and beared a lot of buds and never give me full flower. If it blossoms, the flower will be 7-8 inches. Mine is yellow color and I took from wiki for illustration.


Flowers by the window July 14, 2008

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When someone visit my room and see the pots outside of the window, she questions me how I keep the pots. Because of the bars, you can’t take out or in big things. Do you know how? We did together to keep pots. Our hostel is two-storied building and our rooms are upstirs. I went upstirs. I put empty pot inside polythene bag and tied the bag with rope. Then, I pull the rope down slowly. Ja was waiting in the room. When the bag reached the window, she took the pot out and kept on the window.
[:( I have very much difficulty in telling such a small case
😦 in english. ]

Actually, I planned to grow fragrant flowers by the window thinking that when it blossoms, my room will be full with nice smell. It does not happen. As some plants need the sunlight , it can not grow well at the window.

You may think I keep extragrating such petty things. I keep talking about only flowers. Every morning, I have no energy to get up from bed thinking about how to pass another day. When I think about flowers, I want to go and see or have to water. Then I get up. After I bought mobile with camera, I want to take photos of flowers. These photos are taken as much as I could extend my hand outside.

When the flower get dry, the pod will come out. When it dry and it will open and the black seeds will be out. We can grow those seeds again. What I like these lilies is that it flowers a lot in any season and can multiply easily.


Rose June 21, 2008

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Can we say this color “light orange”? This rose plant is just beside tuberose pot. One day, I took snapshots of tuberose and that rose plant’s branch was interfering the scene. I said to the rose plant, if you want to take photo, just give me flowers. 🙂 I am crazy guy. I used to talk with animals and plants. I jell well with animals. But not really with people. I don’t have many friends. Sometimes, I forgot to smile people. But I always say hi to dogs and cats. 😛

I don’t understand about photography. But I took every angle and my eyes please this view. 🙂 . So I upload only those photos.