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N3 の 結果 January 24, 2018

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Me and JLPT 2017 exam October 26, 2017

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JLPT is very near soon. Only a month is left. I haven’t studied. I read just 1 hour before a class. There are only 2 classes I am taking. So I read only 2 hrs a week. I am so sure that this is not enough for exam. So what I am doing in this ‘1 month’ for preparing for exam, I will read by typing online textbook.I register for N3 exams and the class I am taking are N4. Actually, I have to self-study for N3. And I am lazy and not hardworking as when I was young. Just I am at least putting small efforts to study before exam. I am not sure that this small efforts help me pass the exam. 🙂 But I intend this practice for long term memory. A big excuse for naught learner 😀


two color knitted hat May 28, 2017

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Finished 28-5-2017

start with 96 stitches, edging 10 rows, middle 20 rows,
then reduce with 6k, k2tog and k all
circular needle egret 7


Knitted Girl’s dress January 31, 2017

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I learned how to make a girl’s dress through Youtube link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LftJgGSm-ws&t=420s).
Finished on 29-Jan- 2017



There are Myanmar groups for knitting and crochet . Every day, members post their works. They inspires me to do some rows a day. And I’ve got to know where to buy good knitting and crochet accessories online. And I want to join some charity work with them. That makes me learn how to make girl dress. I hope I could make dresses like this in the future. I wish to have full of energy and strength in me.


V-day Activity February 14, 2016

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Today, I joined 5 KM 3rd Ferrovit Walkathon Event with ZCO.

Before the Event

After Event

It was surprising to see ladies/girls actively participating such event in early hours. It will be regretful if I couldn’t participate today. Worth the efforts. We also received participation present. There are many fun activities… but we joined some.