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Me and JLPT 2017 exam October 26, 2017

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JLPT is very near soon. Only a month is left. I haven’t studied. I read just 1 hour before a class. There are only 2 classes I am taking. So I read only 2 hrs a week. I am so sure that this is not enough for exam. So what I am doing in this ‘1 month’ for preparing for exam, I will read by typing online textbook.I register for N3 exams and the class I am taking are N4. Actually, I have to self-study for N3. And I am lazy and not hardworking as when I was young. Just I am at least putting small efforts to study before exam. I am not sure that this small efforts help me pass the exam. 🙂 But I intend this practice for long term memory. A big excuse for naught learner 😀


two color knitted hat May 28, 2017

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Finished 28-5-2017

start with 96 stitches, edging 10 rows, middle 20 rows,
then reduce with 6k, k2tog and k all
circular needle egret 7


Knitted Girl’s dress January 31, 2017

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I learned how to make a girl’s dress through Youtube link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LftJgGSm-ws&t=420s).
Finished on 29-Jan- 2017



There are Myanmar groups for knitting and crochet . Every day, members post their works. They inspires me to do some rows a day. And I’ve got to know where to buy good knitting and crochet accessories online. And I want to join some charity work with them. That makes me learn how to make girl dress. I hope I could make dresses like this in the future. I wish to have full of energy and strength in me.


V-day Activity February 14, 2016

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Today, I joined 5 KM 3rd Ferrovit Walkathon Event with ZCO.

Before the Event

After Event

It was surprising to see ladies/girls actively participating such event in early hours. It will be regretful if I couldn’t participate today. Worth the efforts. We also received participation present. There are many fun activities… but we joined some.


Hello! July 14, 2015

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Dear Blog,

I didn’t post new things for a long time. During these days, I have gone through many things.

1. I compensated five millions to Ministry for my 5 years study in India and resigned from University.

2. I worked with Dr. Anna Zongollowicz for three research projects

      Conducting of Pre-Implementation Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Child Labour
      Study on Child Labour’s Rapid Assessment in an Industrial Zone in Yangon
      Impact of Migration on Children on Myanmar”

Each project duration was short. I have been learning the new experiences (interview, workshop). I have good opportunity to meet noble monks, nuns, organizations and people who are working for welfare of children.

3. I am learning sewing on pants at School of Home Science, Department of Social Welfare http://www.dsw.gov.mm/en/welfare-category/women-welfare-services. I made trousers for Mom and Bro.

This is a vocational learning center for ladies and gents (Rare). If one looks at the Gate of this school, it seems so silent. However, there are different sizes and ages of ladies/girls actively learning the courses. The courses offering are knitting, sewing for different subjects(blouses, trousers, coats), food and sweet of Chinese, Myanmar, Korean (KOICA), flower arrangements, embroidery, etc. Now, tThe courses are inexpensive and open for any enthusiastic person. My mom is also learning sewing for blouse. I LOVE TO LEARN. Now, I find a place to learn many things.

I wish the long lasting of this kind of schools.

And I heard that a person can join as teacher to this school after learning 6 subjects.

4. I made a beautiful crochet coat for Sis.

5. I am going to learn again at University of Economics!
I have told you, I love learning! 🙂

6. I have been contributing (for Myanmar(Burmese) ) for Little Prince Multilingual Project. It is machine translation project for the languages (not limited) Myanmar(Burmese), Croatian, English, French, Hindi, Indonésian, Khmer, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese . The project is lead by Dr. Vincent Berment.
Kindly leave a message if you are interested. You are warmly invited!!!


7. Most important, I am searching a job !!!