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Knitted hat July 12, 2014

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I don’t know how to knit a hat. I also don’t know how to knit with double-pointed needle.
This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FzIWKjKIK8) teaches me how to. Thanks you so much.


I don’t satisfy with the quality of hat I made. But I felt happy because I learn a new experience.

Hope next time, I can do better. Waiting for my sis. What will she tell me? She will accept everything I made for her. 😀

The measurement- 36 x 3, for circumference , 9 inches long

9-July-2014 -12-July-2014


Presents flying to us!!! June 12, 2014

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Are you watching World Cup Opening at TV or at Brazil? Human trees and flowers dancing around are so lovely to see.




My desire of having a flexible knitting set !!!




For dad, mom, bro and me




For mom and whom?


My brother 36 years old did viber doodle drawing for My sis and her hubby. How nice! I was laughing at his descriptive skills. All time make me smile whenever I see it.

Then I requested him to draw for me that I want to visit around the Globe. See how he drew.


Knitting – 6 September 30, 2013

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Finish on 15-9-2013.
Same color as Grandpa
2013-09-15 14.06.07-1


Knitting – 5 September 3, 2013

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2013-06-10 08.54.51-1

Grandpa (My mom’s father ) is nearly 90 years old but he is still active, strong will to live. (for me, frankly enough, sometimes get boring to live. I have to keep myself busy not to come this kind of attitude.) Grandparents from dad’s side were expeired since dad’s young age.

Grandpa likes me being teacher. Instead of calling me Grandchild, sometimes he called me teacher.
For me, he is more lovely than Grandma. He loves and treats fair to all his grandchildren. But I think Grandma loves one of my cousin most as he(my cousin) brought up on her hand. Grandpa likes the fried egg I made. And he also listens to my words 😀 .

I went along with Mom’s sudden visit to Grandparents. When I received the call from Dad and knew that Mom’s visit to them, I have nothing onhand to give for Grandpa. Fortunately, it was just the beginning of the month (That means I still have money:D ),and I was at downtown to buy yarn. So I bought some delicioucy for Granparents.

I decided to knit for him to express my love. I started this muffler at the bus terminal waiting to depart my Grandparent’s place.

When we were young, it was very difficult to go to the Grandparent’s place. We have to use by all means of communications (on foot, on bus, on train, on ship, and on trishaw …) It was really tired to reach there. Since 8 years ago, it is not much trouble like before. Taking high-way bus can reach before grandparents’ house. But the bus was still terrible and small seat.

Now air conditioned buses are available and comfortable to travel there. However, there is no electricity at their place yet. So no distrubance like TV channels. I just sit, knit and knit all day long before the light goes. Mom had not decided which date we would go back home. So I just focused on knitting to finish it. Not boring. Because our relatives around Grandparents’ place visit us. As it was rainy season, many of them stopped their job for a while. We were fun with the little monkey.

This muffler was finished within two days and completed on 10 June 2013.


Knitting – 3 September 2, 2013

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These days, I usually have my lunch at University Canteen. No need to spend time for preparing food.

Everyday, I get up around 6:00 am.
Then I change water for the flower pot offered at Buddha. Then I take bath.
After that I recite 11 sutta (depend on how much time is left) (I usually do saying prayer only on weekdays. :))

Then I have to catch the ferry bus at 7:30 am.

If I still have the time, I knit before going to the ferry bus.
However, in the weekend and holidays, I gave more time for knitting.

I have finished knitting muffler for Mom on 31-August 2013. The yarn has some sparkling string. Mom wants to use this mufflerscarf when she donates.
2013-08-31 13.11.01-1

The reddish brown color is for Dad. It is till on going. He wants to use when he joins mediation center. I hope it will be useful in the winter. It can keep his neck warm.

2013-08-17 11.20.56-1