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Sports United Soccer Envoy Program Kicks Off November 23, 2013

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I attended “Sports United Soccer Envoy Program Kicks Off” program on 4:00 PM, 22-11-2013 at Yangon University sports field at Thahton street.

2013-11-22 17.05.07

Recently, I got 1 year scholarship to attend “International Relation and Comparative Polictics”. This program is jointly organized by International Center of Excellence (ICOE), Yangon University and Johns Hopkins University (https://hhh123.wordpress.com/about/).

One of the teachers, Teacher May Pearl Thwe (https://www.facebook.com/mpthwe) gave information about this program and invited us to attend. The program was at 4:00 pm, 22-11-2013. Our classes were finished on 2:00 pm.

We needed to spend 2 hours. Therefore, I and Ms. KyawtKK went to Universities Library, Yangon University.I did not know what to choose and looked at the books at “New Arrival” rack. I saw the autobiography book of Prof. Dr. Kyu Kyu Swe.
It is in bilingual, English and Myanmar. After 2 or 3 pages reading, I decided to buy this book.

2013-11-22 14.57.19

We proceeded Yangon University sports field at Thahton street. Many girls, boys,and football players were already in the field and playing happily in the hot sun. U.S. professional soccer athletes Lorrie Fair and Cobi Jones, and Coach Jay Hoffman come as ‘sports envoys‘ .
2013-11-22 17.04.45

H.E Derek Mitchell, U.S ambassador to Myanmar, gave opening remarks and Myanmar translator explained to Myanmar. The distinguished person from Myanmar side came.
But I don’t remember the name. Then the athletes greeted and gave words one by one.

What I remembered is
U.S is a mixture of people and so as in football team. No matter where they came from, what the skin color are, what the gender are,
forget everything while playing football and try to play to reach the goal

In this Envoy Program, 5500 balls were planned to donate. The ball designer is also explained how good the ball is.
It is said that the ball are not destructible. The designer demonstrated even if there is hole and squeeze to be flat, but the ball bounced back to normal one so can be played the whole day
no need to be air filled. These balls were distributed to the attendee who wanted it. I also got one. I saw “CHEVROLETT, One World, Futbol Project, Patent pending” on the ball.

We got signatures from H.E Derek Mitchell, Lorrie Fair, Cobi Jones, and Coach Jay. We took photos together with envoys. You guess how happy I was.
I dare not asked from H.E from Myanmar.


2013-11-22 17.07.58

2013-11-22 20.08.30
We learn “Critical Thinking” from Mr. Peter and Mr. John in IR course. May be because of this ,I was thinking about the custom of giving signatures. 🙂
Our Myanmar should adopt this custom as this is encouraging and cheering to others. It can bring one’s good and friendly image to Public eyes.

Sports United Soccer Envoy Program Kicks Off,
http://burma.usembassy.gov/, http://photos.state.gov/libraries/burma/895/pdf/SUSP.pdf


AFC Cup August 7, 2008

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North Korea 1 – Myanmar 0 , took place ??? in Asia Challenge Cup on Monday, 04 August 2008. I don’t know much about soccer. Win or loose or draw 😛 . In that match, in the first half, N-Korea still could take a goal beautifully although Myanmar team was interested in defending themself. After that, Myanmar Team was trying to get a goal and the ball was in the N-Korea field. Myanmar Team had a lot of good chances but failed to get a goal.

India 1 – Myanmar 0 , took place in Gachibowli stadium , Asia Challenge Cup on 7 August 2008. In this match, Myanmar Team worked hard but the rain didn’t favoured them. Compare to Indian Team, stamina is less. The field is also very bad and not high stardard and flooded with rain and mud. They were beat and were so tired. I felt pitty for them. They were very united til the last minute.

Anyway, even our Myanmar Team lost 2 matches. They tried hard so much. I wish my prayers are with them , keep them safe , bring them luck , win always , and get rewarded for their hard work.

Humm… look at the this post. http://www.indianexpress.com/story/346813.html . Our Myanmar team is not that bad. 🙂 In this post, there are words like 1. “ground condition is awful”, 2. “important tournament to be decided by the stroke of luck rather than footballing abilities” 😛 I wish the semi should be replayed 😀 I am not digested with the bad field in Gachibowli stadium. 😦